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I Hate You I can't help it
Seeing you happy at all kills me inside The way you look at me With that cocky smirk only you can have Makes my hand tingle with the urge to punch you so bad you'll never speak again But I resist, because I am the bigger person The jokes you make Makes me truly question what people see in you Your just a two-faced jerk A liar and a faker Someone who can never be trusted I would know You double crossed me But no matter what I tell myself Or what you do The truth is I will never stop loving you~

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    Break Ups are hard man

    The Fluffy Pandah :3
    The Fluffy Pandah :3
    Being Wished Upon
    Being Wished Upon

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    Break Ups are hard man

    Post by The Fluffy Pandah :3

    If you thought that was about me, your sadly mistaken. I'm talking about my parents. So they officialy split last night. And my mum is crying every ten minutes, I can deal with divorce. But I can't stand ow my mum is always sad and can't cheer up.

    I know your gunna say thats mean, I can feel for her sadness. It's just too overwemling. Even I'm sad now, and I'm glad to have my father gone. But it's just that she has an atmosphere of sadness. I just don't like the feeling and being sad for me is dangrous.
    Let's just say I have some raw feelings inside.

    Get too sad and I wanna die. Too angry and I wanna kill everyone. You see? Raw emotions. I just kinda need an escape of this. Thank whoever is ruling, that me and a friend are going out tonight. Just 5 more hours. . .

    Oh, and if you have negative things about me to say, please don't. My life is bad enough without you, so stop hating and try to see how things are for me. But then you haven't seen any of it.
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    SkysTheLimitHun [;

    Post on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:24 am by SkysTheLimitHun [;

    I'm so sorry Dx
    Maybe you should try to get out more?
    Like, try not to be around your mom so much
    I mean, you can't blame her
    You may not like your dad but she obviously loved him
    And I feel so bad for her Dx
    I guess there's not much I can say >.>
    Sorry love!

    The Fluffy Pandah :3

    Post on Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:16 am by The Fluffy Pandah :3

    Skye. . . I know that.
    But my problem is, she won't let me leave Skye.
    I've tried for 2 years to get out.
    I'm just glad I'm going to a friend's tonight.
    And I feel sorry too.
    I heard her sceam/cry today.
    That was creepy.
    SkysTheLimitHun [;

    Post on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:49 am by SkysTheLimitHun [;

    Awww Dx
    This is sad >.>
    And I know what you mean
    I'm basically caged in my house too >.>
    So like, chill in your room blasting music or something
    The Fluffy Pandah :3

    Post on Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:10 am by The Fluffy Pandah :3

    I'll miss my computer too much.
    It means I might take my friends offer up.
    I might move in with her. >.<
    Ageless Fairy

    Post on Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:49 am by Ageless Fairy

    I just have to give you a huge hug!
    I had my parents tell me they were getting a divorce on the night I was crowned homecoming queen. How wrong is that? Its like on one hand you feel like a princess and on the other you feel like you just want to lay down in a shallow grave and die. Yeah, terrible stuff. I remember the crazy feelings of everyone involved (me, my little brother, my dad and my mom) and it sucked so bad. Just hang in there, remember its not your fault and forget your 'rents...they are human and make mistakes (sometimes even worse then we'll make.../sighs). Anyways, best of luck! *hugs again*
    The Fluffy Pandah :3

    Post on Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:28 am by The Fluffy Pandah :3


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