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    Why do I still feel this way? Part 1

    Discovering Your Fairy Gifts
    Discovering Your Fairy Gifts

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    Why do I still feel this way? Part 1

    Post by Mari-chan

    Well, I am confused. What about? Well, let's see, I'm a fifteen year old girl who is a fresshie in high school, with lots of friends a few non friends, and some teachers who are just plain awesome. Lately I've been talking about my girl problems, so I'm gunna chage it up a bit and talk about my guy problems.

    I guess il have to start from the veeery begining. On the first day of highschool we had. Homeroom A schedule. That's is where we have homeroom at the very end of the day. I know two people in my homeroom. I sit away from them a bit so I can be closer to the teacher, cuz she is one of my faves, especially from the first day. I sit in the second row from her desk, in the seat behind the first. A few guys come in and sit in the seats surrounding me. One I recognized from my spanish class. We'll call him....Bowser, like from the video games. Lol, the Mario ones xD then there are two others: call em cookie monster and netz. ((if there ever comes a time when you wann know there names, pm me =] )) and wow, netz was kinda cute. You all know my type is Asian, and he is API. Asian pacific islander. Like yours truley. I'm like wow!! sitting next to me! And he looks over at me and smiles. Yes. Him, Bowser, and CM all seem to kno eachother. 

    -Skipping ahead-

    The first football game. What a night! No, I didn't do anyting wild and reckless so don't get your hopes up for that xD but almost all the kids i had made friends with were in the band. Not band nerds!!! turns out Netz and Bowser were in the band. So me and my bestie "Tohru" stick by the band people and talk to them during the game. During 3rd quarter the band is released to enjoy the rest if the game. Unfortunatly for me Netz leaves early and so does tohru. So me and Bowser got into a convo about random things. The one I remember most was relationships. We had gotton on topic to the like at first site. I of course say Netz, because, dispite only knowing him for a few weeks, I feel like I can trust him. And vice versa. He says some girl, blahblahblah and then the time came for us to go home. we text for a while and then that's it fir the weekend. We talk at school and even pair up in Spanish a few times. All of the new friends I had made ((for future reference their codenames will be Quesa, mannly[a girl], shellbelle, Lemury, garlic, jellybean aka friend 4, matrimony aka friend 1, lambchop, and API.)) hang out together and it's all cool. 

    + *JUST. * + . . * + * . . +
    + * . * + . + * . + * . * + * . * +
    * . + . + * *SPRINKLIN.* + . * * +
    + * . * + . + * . * + . . + * . + * . *
    * . * + . . *MY. + . . + * . +
    + . . * + . + * . * + . * + * . * + . *
    * + + . *DREAMDUST. + . * + . . +
    + . . + * . * + . * *. + . . * + . *
    . * + . + *ALL OVER. + * . . * + . *
    * + . . * + . * * + . . * . + * .
    + . + * . . + YOU * + * . * . `+
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    Post on Wed May 12, 2010 3:37 am by Mari-chan

    -skipping ahead- 

    Lemury's b-day party. It was Skating party In december. Me and Bowser had talked about it for a while, and he said he was a baaaad skater. I used to go siTing in san diego all the time, so I knew what I was doing. I told him i would help him out xD when we got to the arena and all had our skates on. WTF! Why is he skaitin circles around everyone?? It was pretty hilarious, and everyone was havingfun and at one point, we even hold hands while skating. My friend migowego had pulled me aside and asked me if I liked him. It wasn't obvious, she has a keen sense for those type of things. Best party. Best memory to date, including him atleast. Ahhh, happy times.    

    At this point, I was sure he liked me. Why else would he stay up with me into all hours of the night if he didn't? And why would he want to hold my hand? 

    I don't know. But I guess I was wrong. 

    In about January, he found out I liked him. That chaged everything. He and lambchop stopped talking to me. It hurt a bit, and I was so sure it was for that reason. We drifted apart. I haven't really "talked" to him since. The thing is, I still like him, even now. And that scares me a bit. Why? Because: he isn't the best looking, and people would tell me not to. Like, I still get the reaction when one of my besties goes "you STILL like him?!". I don't want that. 

    Post on Wed May 12, 2010 3:41 am by Mari-chan

    This weekend at my little brothers t-ball game he texted me. Out of the blue. Shyt, I was under the impression he deleted my number *'_'* the convo went no where, but.....gah. I think I'm over thinking this. But....gosh. Is he ready to talk to me again? It's making my head hurt. Comment back~!
    SkysTheLimitHun [;

    Post on Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:26 am by SkysTheLimitHun [;

    I know this is kinda late and I don't know if this stuff is still applicable but it's worth a shot, right? [x

    I think it's kinda stupid that he stopped talking to you because of that
    I have a few guy friends that like me but we're all still cool
    And I think you should see if he wants to be friends again
    But don't just like, automatically trust him again.
    You never know if someone is just playing you or is two faced and will turn around and tell everyone everthing you've told them.
    And it's ohkay to like someone for a long time. There's nothing wrong with that, it just means you really like him.
    And I think you should try to find out why he stopped talking to you in the first place
    It could be a few things:
    One- He's just a jerk and doesn't like you
    Two: He's scared to tell you he doesn't like you because he thinks it'd be hurting you so he thinks it's better to just walk away
    Or Three: He likes you too but one of his friends like you so he's scared to say anything and walks away either because his friend asked him to, or because he thought it'd be easier for you to get over him.
    ^^ Hope this helps~!

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